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For an unparalleled service


Service offered for trailers


  • Floor regular wash (only water)
  • Floor regular wash with blower and blow dry
  • Floor regular wash with shampoo
  • Floor regular wash with blower, blow dry and shampoo

Business hours


New clients

How to proceed


Go to the right gate and wait to be opened.


Back up to dock 6 or 7, if possible, otherwise park in a place that does not interfere with traffic.


Go to the reception desk to make your wash request and for your invoice.


At the green light, you are free to go.

NOTES : The order of priority is determined by the order of invoicing; please go to the reception desk when you arrive to avoid missing your turn. When your reefer is frozen, or in the winter, turn on the reefer's heater to the maximum (80°).  A red light means that the wash has started: stay still.  The exit is the same as the entrance.