An innovative wash bay


Open in 2011 and unique in its kind, our wash and sanitation bay is the only one that is computerized, automated, certified and eco-responsible at the same time.

It notably consists of :

  • 4 tanker washing lines
  • 2 trailer washing docks

Our innovative wash bay

  • Allows for the washing, sanitation, disinfection and passivation of tanks and other food transport equipment.
  • Uses "Food Grade" certified washing processes
  • Allows bacteriological tests to be carried out directly at the washing site.
  • Is fully automated and computerized to provide customers with detailed reports ensuring the hygiene, safety and traceability of their goods.
  • Is certified Kosher, Juice Product Association (JPA) and successfully meets HACCP standards.

An eco-responsible wash bay

  • Recovers all food residues from washing operations and recycles them into natural gas.
  • Is equipped with a heat recovery system for the washing water to heat our facilities.
  • Is equipped with a system for recovering wash water for washing equipment floors.


Our state-of-the-art facilities and our specialized team ensure constant efficiency.

Number of tanks washed


per month

Number of trailers washed


per month